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Students and Graduates

We actively seek to recruit talented people from all academic backgrounds into our university programs and entry-level positions. Ranging from one-week spring internships to full-time jobs, all of our positions offer an opportunity to learn first hand about the firm, our culture and the sales and marketing consulting industry.

Year Round Externship and Summer Associate Internship Program

Diamond Consulting is non-seniority based and a firm that believes in providing the youth of tomorrow an equal opportunity to advance in today’s marketplace full of glass ceilings. We have a worldwide recognized training and mentorship program that Forbes ranked as the third best program on the planet.

We provide hands on training on a variety of platforms and the flexibility for current college students to gain direct involvement in sales meetings with clients and an opportunity to be a part of the core management meetings we conduct weekly. It is not a “coffee grabbing” program but more so an opportunity to get real world sales and marketing experience. We pride ourselves on having an 82% retention rate of interns and externs within our firm globally after graduation.

Our commitment to global exposure is best experienced by our externs and interns as part of two global trips they will be eligible for during their time with us. Being operational in 19 countries we believe in international diversification of instruction from our global partners.