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Diamond Consulting commits people, capital, and ideas to help our clients and the communities we serve to grow.  As a full service strategy business consulting firm – we have two primary core functions:

  1. Increasing the sales, branding, and marketing efforts of our clients.
  2. Developing management expansion teams to penetrate new markets on behalf of our clients.

Diamond Consulting services our clients by providing face-to-face sales consulting solutions. We are not in the business of telemarketing or providing phone sales consulting like traditional insurance & investment banks. Instead, we believe in bringing our products and services to our targeted audiences directly through the following avenues:

  • Business to Business Consultation
  • Business to Consumer Branding
  • Event Promotion Optimization
  • Experiential Management Expansion Development
  • Human Resources Optimizations

Outside of our innovative sales consulting solutions, Diamond also provides our clients with extensive market research and statistical data on consumer psychology. We provide opportunities for marketing and branding pilot programs in various different geographic markets and across several platforms.

We engineer marketing and branding directives for our clients that they can implement to their everyday internal sales teams. Our Executive Consultants often deliver calculated synopses for our clients’ shareholder meetings on topics ranging from ROI to EPS forecasts. We specialize in delivering (MSCO) Marketing Strategy Consulting Overviews for several of our clients.

The bottom line is that Diamond Consulting provides marketing, financial, sales and consulting services on behalf of our clients.