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Diamond Consulting Shares How Working Smarter Beats Working Longer

“Let’s think about it for a moment. Whether you’re at a traditional 9-5, or whether you have your own entrepreneurial flow.  There are always things to be done. The trick to get these tasks accomplished is by working smarter — longer hours wear you down. It can be done if that’s what certain individuals feel works for them. However working smarter not only makes you productive, but it helps you save time,” says Ram Dharma, managing director of Diamond Consulting. At Diamond Consulting, there are few different things we’d like to do to make sure we’re working efficiently and smarter. Our representatives know the value of time and wasting it by stalling or not doing anything and then working past hours, only puts a drain on their minds. “These are some tips our representatives at Diamond Consulting want to share that have helped us work smarter,” says Ram Dharma managing director of Diamond Consulting.


Track Your Time


Most times, when you set a deadline for yourself, you end up accomplishing your task. Studies prove that when you’re in a deadline, not only do you work more efficiently but you get the job done as well. “We know that time is valuable and of the essence, so whatever it is from project management or new strategies — set deadlines for it” says Ram Dharma of Diamond Consulting.


Take Small Breaks or a Nap


“Surprisingly, research indicates that naps are proven to help us feel more energized if the nap is 10-15 mins long. Longer naps make us fatigued, whereas smaller ones boost our energy. Taking a small nap, or taking a small break in silence clear the mind,” says Ram Dharma of Diamond Consulting.


Plan Ahead of Time


Last but not least, plan your day ahead of time. The night before, have your clothes ready, lunch ready and whatever necessary things you need for the next day. By doing this you save time, and you feel ready for the day.



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