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Diamond Consulting Shares Strategies to Maintain Focus

Diamond Consulting Shares Strategies to Maintain Focus

Being in the entrepreneurial and business industry can be quite challenging and encompassing. “We’re basically on the go all the time, and it’s never off. There’s a majority of your time spent with clients, workers and customers and other areas such as social media and the email world. But how you do you manage to stay focused with a bunch of different things going on?” says Ram Dharma, managing director of Diamond Consulting. Diamond Consulting has accumulated a few strategies to make sure we’re focused at all times. The way to run a business and be productive is focus; so we take that very seriously.




Monday is the start of every week. We know that your email and inboxes will be full of messages from over the weekend. “Make a list of what YOU need to accomplish that certain week. Writing details down helps a lot to follow them efficiently,” says Ram Dharma of Diamond Consulting. Other people will need your assistance also, but make sure to incorporate your and their list in a focused way.




When listing all things you need to get done, make sure you put what’s most important first and the best way we noticed to accomplish these tasks is by putting a time block on them. If you feel something will be done in 1-2 hours make a slot for that. “Making time blocks can help you finish off those more doable tasks rather than not seeing what can and cannot be done in a day,” says Ram Dharma of Diamond Consulting.


Take Mini Breaks


It’s important to step away from something you been working on for a while. It gives you perspective and refocuses your view. If you stick to something ALL day, that’s not productive, you’re draining yourself and your mind. “Keep focused by taking a 5 minute break every 2-3 hours or something. Walk around or take a breather outside. This will help you regain that focus,” says Ram Dharma of Diamond Consulting.


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