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Diamond Consulting Review 3 Apps that Increase Productivity for Daily Life

Diamond Consulting Review 3 Apps that Increase Productivity for Daily Life

It’s always great when you combine technology with productivity. When the right tools and products are used it can be a work of masterpiece and a valuable asset to your everyday life. Diamond Consulting recently did research and tested out a few apps we believe are valuable to increasing everyday productivity. “We found thousands of apps to work with but narrowed down 3 we think are the best to keep at your disposal and use for everyday purposes,” mentions Ram Dharma, Managing Director of Diamond Consulting. Apps are more powerful than they ever have been. It’s always hard to decide which ones benefit you and which ones don’t. It’s a matter of trial and error. Some are well-known and others not so much. It was quite overwhelming to figure out what apps actually make time management easier and what apps are a waste of time, but we did it in the end! “One thing for sure is that these apps definitely made it easier for various aspects of our day to run by smoother,” notes Ram Dharma of Diamond Consulting.

These are Diamond Consulting’s top favorite apps for everyday productivity:

Wanderlust. This app takes your to-do list to a whole never, undiscovered level. Traditionally, you’d write down in your notebook what you’re supposed to do or maybe you’d jot it down on the palm of your hand. Those days are over fellow business partners, this easy-to-use list app lets you set important dates, reminders and share lists with other people. So that they are aware as well as you. It helps in your professional and personal life, from meetings to grocery lists, this app has definitely come through as a good one.

Slack. This ultimate communication tool lets you keep in touch with your whole office just by a click. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your team without sending thousands of emails to get updates on the work being done on a daily basis. You’re able to customize a type of chat room situation and you can use it to customize what group is doing what. It’s also savvy to have on your laptop but the mobile one works just as well!

Evernote. This is an app in the form of a notebook. No longer will you have to keep writing down your plans and notes for the day. This online collection lets you remember everything you need to do or get done. From photos, web pages to PDF files, Evernote lets you add these things and make it easy to access. It’s also great for to-do lists, but more so used for storing and writing things you’d need a desktop or laptop for.


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