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Diamond Consulting Discusses the Importance of Attending Business Events

Diamond Consulting Discusses the Importance of Attending Business Events

“Many people are intimidated by entering into a room with strangers and the thought of talking to them. It can be quite scary to do so. In recent news, the American, USA Gala is in July and we’re excited to see what’s in store for the this year!” says Ram Dharma managing director of Diamond Consulting. This event will give an opportunity to witness hard work show its results. The award ceremony will showcase those that have worked hard to reach the highest points in their careers. Improvement is necessary for growth and the gala is made for those that have done their utmost to make it to the top. There are other factors that are extremely beneficial in business events such as these.


“Before you attend any business focused event, make sure you know what you’re bringing to the table. You will meet many different kinds of people and maybe even make a friend or two, perhaps a new business client,” says Ram Dharma of Diamond Consulting. Make sure to dress the part and make the best impression. Since this is an award gala event, we need to be dapper and clean for this event. This sets a good impression and it makes it easier to communicate with everyone around us. If you meet a new people, make sure you are clear and concise, this is about to become a networking opportunity for you. “Listen more than you talk, remember that there is nothing more appreciative about a person than the fact that they listen to what you have to say,” says Ram Dharma of Diamond Consulting.


By listening well and speaking less, you get to understand what the other person is saying and they will appreciate this quality. This can be a potential client. Anyone in the room can be a potential client if you just set the right impression. In addition, take notes to help you remember. Mental notes that is and begin to identify how you can help them. Since you were listening to them speak, we’re sure you’ve picked up a couple different attributes from them. At the end of the day when you receive a business card, follow up with them the next day or two! It’s as simple as that. “We love business oriented events for the fact that they always recognize greatness and help everyone out in networking,” says Ram Dharma of Diamond Consulting.



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