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Diamond Consulting has incredibly ambitious goals for growth. Our presence in 763 cities worldwide has not been sufficient for our clients and as such we aim to triple in size over the next two years.

As our business model is to only promote via internal expansion – we intend to exponentially grow via hiring talented team members for a 14 month Management Consultant Sales Training Program.

There is a Four Phase progression game plan for any entry level candidates that join our firm. We have the following positions that one will be escalated across over the duration of the 5-7 year training program.

Entry Level Sales and Marketing Associate

Primary responsibilities will include thorough learning of our sales and consulting proprietary strategies. Hands on classroom instruction by veteran Executive Consultants and field training will be the routine for the first four weeks. Extensive study of the assigned client’s products and services will be required, plus the curriculum of learning about the designated industry. We need our sales and marketing associates to understand the psyche of our target audiences and the focus of our business. It is an abbreviated four week crash course that every Senior Executive Consultant worldwide would say is responsible for everything from the development of their business acumen to understanding the foundation of sales consulting – a boot camp comparable to the military.

Marketing Consulting Associate

Within five weeks at Diamond Consulting we offer a promotion opportunity upon mastery of the sales consulting responsibilities tasked as aforementioned.  Our newly promoted Marketing Consulting Associates will be assigned with an incredibly important role – developing a management squad themselves. Through heavy classroom instruction and field training we will teach the basics of training other entry level sales consultants on the following: training new hires, scouting talent via conducting second round interviews themselves, and making hiring decisions. Consulting project management and team development are the primary focuses of this phase – subsequently our team will be responsible for devising MSO’s for our clients as well as business trips for new market expansion opportunities.

Senior Marketing Consultant

Upon mastery of the sales consulting responsibilities, developing and managing a team, and comprehensive rotations on leadership consultation – within six to eight months’ time frame an individual will be promoted to a Senior Marketing Consultant.  Sales Consulting will no longer be the focus – but now a greater responsibility of managing teams of strategy sales consultants will be the onus of our SMC’s.

Senior Marketing Consultants will be rotated across the HR, PR, Administration, New Business Development, Finances and Legal elements of project management and client campaign development. We will require each SMC to pilot 3 – 5 new campaigns in a diversified portfolio of industries. They will participate in the negotiation of new Fortune 1000 client acquisition and more importantly – be responsible for the strategy market research required to land a pilot program.

International exposure will coincide with our SMC’s focus – month long visits to two international Diamond offices will be a requirement in their promotion to the esteemed position of Executive Consultant.

Management Consultant

This prestigious milestone within our firm’s development program affords our Management Consultants a junior partnership status at our firm – a position that can be earned within 14 months. These elite group members are the key principals of driving the sales accomplishments of our clients’ goals throughout the world.

Our junior partners are tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Management Consultants will have the keys to their own building and will be tasked with driving the sales for our clients in a city of their choosing. They will be assigned a team of Sales & Marketing Consulting Associates to manage and provide our clients a month over month increase in EPS (earnings per share).
  • Development of Sales & Marketing Consultants across the promotion spectrum listed in all previous positions will be the secondary focus of MC’s. This assignment of internal expansion will be the most critical responsibility of our Management Consultants and as such will involve directing the tactical sales improvement of each team member and their abilities to assemble their own teams. Talent recruitment & management will be the focus of our junior partners – coinciding with city specific optimization of our clients’ sales needs. Providing weekly statistical research analytics & expansion targeting to the CEO’s of our clients will be a core duty of our Management Consultants alongside business trip management to explorative markets.
  • Our Management Consultant teams are the vehicles we will use to explore new partnerships with potential clients. They will be responsible for mustering an intensive marketing game plan for Fortune 1000 clients. Participation in our aggressive global “Think Tank” committees will be a daily routine. Negotiation with CEO’s about Diamond’s Services and acquisition of pilot programs will dictate the focus of the Management Consultants across the globe in a partnership unparalleled by any strategy sales consulting company.
  • Management Consultants will be taught how to be responsible for overseeing multiple offices, across multiple industries – across multiple geographies. In-depth market research and analysis will be expected for the innovation of new marketing strategies and business consulting solutions. Our MC’s will gain access to a new network circle of notoriety as they will be called on to several board meetings with the CEO’s of Fortune 1000 companies.

Executive Consultant

After an average of 7–10 years our Management Consultants will be eligible for a promotion to an Executive Consultant level which effectively elevates them to a Senior Partner status. Executive Consultants will now oversee international expansion and grassroots marketing consulting development overseas. Global rotations across business, political, and social relations will be a vital responsibility of our EC’s. Non-Profit development and sponsorship for civic causes will be an assigned duty for each of our Executive Consultants – a tradition that has aided the lives of millions of people across the world for two decades.

A majority of our Executive Consultants hold seats as board members of many of the world’s most recognized companies. This is a partnership status we proudly boast and a tradition we intend to prolong. Consultation on new business innovation and intellectual academia efforts will be tasked to each and every Executive Consultant. Whether it be conducting lectures or breaking ground on new schools in emerging markets our Executive Consultants are the core group who motivate the firm to remember our civic duty to society. Our Senior Partners are well known for utilizing our private jets and yachts to assist all Management Consultants across the globe in support of driving the sales consulting objectives of our clients worldwide.