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At a Glance

Diamond Consulting Group is a premiere international strategy business consulting firm that specializes in advanced sales, marketing, technology, and financial solutions for its clients across more than 37 industries. We are the faces and minds that have helped our clients increase their business results by over $47 Billion in revenue over the last 27 years. Diamond Consulting is operational in over 763 cities worldwide situated in 19 countries. With over 5000+ team members in our organization we pride ourselves on only employing the best and brightest group from an incredibly diverse array of backgrounds.

We Focus on the Following 5 Business Consulting Areas

We provide our clients an extensive outreach potential with our network of small-to-medium-sized businesses across the globe. A network of over 22 million businesses gives us the ability to optimize sales and presence like no other company. True rolodex-like relationships and an impeccable customer service experience gives our clients  a new perspective on what a consulting firm can do to assist in new business development.

By industry experts’ research, Diamond Consulting has been able to assist its clients with engaging with over 1 billion people a year. Our branding and sales initiatives have been the core reason we have over 132 clients worldwide who utilize our B2C sales solutions. Exceptionally talented and caring sales consultants are the core engineers of our $22 Billion B2C strategic efforts. This is our most profitable consulting solution for our clients, and has created a framework which will stimulate a 300% growth in business over the next year alone. Our model has had such incredible results that we can boast a clientele that includes many of the top twenty Fortune 100 clients in the United States.

For a long time, Diamond Consulting have been the pioneers of taking event and retail promotional branding consulting to the next millennium. Our core partnership with the biggest and best conglomerates has aided us in taking everyday simple marketing consultation to a level never seen before internationally. Product placement and campaign consulting has made our event promotion business to a new outlet for growth.

We do not only specialize in delivering sales consulting solutions for our clients. The most important part of our business model is the development of management expansion teams. We are constantly demanded by our clients for more help in new market penetration – including not only new market exploration but also implementation. Our principal policy of only promoting from within has allowed Diamond Consulting to eclipse all other business mediums when it comes to developing the future leaders of tomorrow.

We at Diamond Consulting believe that personnel are the keys to success. We are committed to only hiring the best and the brightest. As such, we have engineered a Human Resources Development program that affords us an incredible core business that allows for internal expansion and servicing our clients’ need to always place the right person for the job at hand. Our Human Resources Training program has facilitated not only our growth but that of countless companies across the globe.